Are Women More Collaborative Than Men? Meet the Women of Coworking

  As an independent writer and journalist interested in holistic productivity, I’ve been to almost half a dozen coworking conferences all over the world—in places like Barcelona, Kansas City, Austin, Berkeley, Calif., etc. I love watching the coworking movement grow and shift, and being lucky enough to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the next phases are taking shape. But, the inaugural Global Coworking Unconference Conference in Toronto stood out to me as one of the absolute best. It was both poised and fun, intimate and expansive, and exquisitely well structured while leaving still room fun and spontaneity. Run by Ashley Proctor, founder of Creative Blueprint and Foundry in Toronto, Ashley made… Read More

What this blog writer learned about coworking

  ‘I spent a few days attending a coworking conference (or unconference as it was called) and was not expecting to learn what I did. Ashley Proctor, the Executive Director of GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Conference) Canada called upon City of Toronto Councilor Mike Layton to deliver the official welcome. The event location was not even his ward, but he is a supporter of the coworking concept.’ So that was the opening paragraph of what I wrote in the blog for a client about my experience at this coworking event. But I believe that you, as readers of the GCUC blog, already know about the coworking community. I wanted to write this… Read More

GCUC Canada + IndieCon Toronto

  When we get together for GCUC, we tend to be people who are involved in the industry or movement of coworking. We tend to be space owners, service providers, researchers, or otherwise passionate leaders. What’s missing from these conferences are the many reasons we care so much about this coworking thing – the people who comprise these coworking communities, filling them with the culture and meaning that makes them special. This year at GCUC Canada, we’ll be bringing these two world together. We’ll be doing this by partnering with IndieCon, an unconference event in which independent workers share best practices, discuss common challenges, and form valuable bonds. IndieCon will be taking place… Read More

Top 3 Reasons to Attend GCUC Canada

  Hey, I’m Melissa, the Community and Events manager for FreshBooks based in Toronto. FreshBooks is a proud supporter of GCUC USA and Canada. The entire FreshBooks team is excited that the first ever GCUC Canada is being hosted in our very own backyard. We can’t wait to help you discover Toronto and share our space with you! Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to attend my first ever GCUC conference in Berkeley, California. Not only did I find it incredibly educational, I met a ton of great people and can’t wait to figure out ways to work with them in the future. My first impression of GCUC was that is… Read More

How GCUC Improved My Business

  In May of 2014 I’d been operating my coworking space for just under a year.  I was having some success but still had a lot of  challenges and was looking for tips and suggestions that could take my space to the next level.  In particular I was looking for ways to strengthen my community.  A friend suggested I check out GCUC in Kansas City so I packed my bag and flew to Missouri and boy was I glad I did! I can honestly say GCUC was one of the few conferences I have attended in my life where every presentation was relevant, actionable and honest – I listened as experienced space… Read More

Why is GCUC Canada so valuable?

  If you run a coworking space, you already know first-hand how beneficial networking can be to your business. At GCUC Canada, you’ll have the opportunity to meet hundreds of collaborative visionaries, share ideas and learn directly from your peers. Coworking enthusiasts are some of the smartest, most innovative people you will find around the globe, so this is truly a golden opportunity! We’ve got some of the biggest names in the industry joining us in September to launch conversations about running a successful space, partnering with external organizations and shaping the new work landscape. Our incredible line-up of speakers will inspire and empower by sharing their success stories, lessons, and experiences…. Read More

Welcome to Toronto!

  So, it’s your first time in Toronto and all you know is that we are Canada’s largest city, we had a crack-smoking mayor, and we are home to A LOT of amazing coworking spaces. Well, this is all true, but there is so much more to discover here. We know you’re busy and we know you’ve got lots of questions. Don’t worry, we got you covered! You can find all the basic info on our FAQ page, but here are all the ‘juicy’ details. The conference venue is located near St. Clair and Bathurst (601 Christie Street) in Toronto’s midtown. Rather than staying near the conference venue, we recommend you stay… Read More

So what’s an ‘Unconference’ anyway?

To get the best of both worlds, GCUC Canada uses a combination of both the traditional conference and the ‘unconference’ format.Our 2015 Unconference is a full day dedicated to participant driven discussions that promote peer-to-peer learning and collaboration. (Some of you may know this format as a bar camp). No unconference is the same, however the format dictates that the participants will determine which topics are most important and that they will lead these collective discussions. Equipped with markers and a blank wall, participants are asked to suggest and post topics they’d like to explore. There is no set agenda until the conference attendees create it on the morning of the event…. Read More

Creative Blueprint brings GCUC to Canada

  When I first launched Creative Blueprint in 2006, my mission was simply to inspire and empower. We began by listening carefully to the needs of local artists and entrepreneurs, and in response we created our first collaborative workspace. As the community became more established, we grew along with them, launching additional locations along with a contemporary art gallery and event space. Partnering with Foundery in 2011 allowed us to expand our vision and to provide coworking space, professional services and support for a wider range of independent workers in Toronto and now Seattle. Our network may have grown many times over the years, but the mission remains the same. We are always… Read More