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How GCUC Improved My Business

Posted on August 27, 2015


In May of 2014 I’d been operating my coworking space for just under a year.  I was having some success but still had a lot of  challenges and was looking for tips and suggestions that could take my space to the next level.  In particular I was looking for ways to strengthen my community.  A friend suggested I check out GCUC in Kansas City so I packed my bag and flew to Missouri and boy was I glad I did!

I can honestly say GCUC was one of the few conferences I have attended in my life where every presentation was relevant, actionable and honest – I listened as experienced space operators stood in front of the crowd and shared stories of failure and frustration – it was as if they knew every mistake I had made or every worry or fear I had, and they were giving me meaningful information about how to manage through my challenges.

I loved the process of everyone coming together to select the topics for the unconference and wanted to attend all the sessions.  Those I chose were packed with peer-to-peer learning, discussion and collaboration and in some sessions I was even able to share my own experiences and learning. The tour of coworking spaces in Kansas City was cool, I saw so many great ideas and simple solutions I could immediately and easily implement in my own space.

The whole experience of attending GCUC was very inspiring and the folks who were in attendance were amazing – from industry leaders to newbies like myself to those just considering opening a coworking space everyone was friendly and collaborative.  The speakers were enthusiastic, the dialogue honest and the whole conference was a lot of fun.  I felt part of a dynamic movement and like I had joined a powerful conversation.  I made connections that I have been able to maintain, a network that I can turn to for guidance and support, and when I returned to Toronto I had a list of simple but really smart solutions I could implement immediately and these solutions did help my community and my space to grow and thrive.

I am delighted that GCUC is coming to my home city of Toronto and can’t wait to participate, learn, share and grow.  I’ll see you there!

Christine Andrews

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