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What this blog writer learned about coworking

Posted on October 1, 2015


‘I spent a few days attending a coworking conference (or unconference as it was called) and was not expecting to learn what I did. Ashley Proctor, the Executive Director of GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Conference) Canada called upon City of Toronto Councilor Mike Layton to deliver the official welcome. The event location was not even his ward, but he is a supporter of the coworking concept.’

So that was the opening paragraph of what I wrote in the blog for a client about my experience at this coworking event. But I believe that you, as readers of the GCUC blog, already know about the coworking community. I wanted to write this entry on the GCUC blog for a few reasons, but mainly because of the great people I met and the knowledge I gained. This could not have happened anywhere else!

I wanted to use this blog entry to thank Ashley Proctor for inviting me to cover this event. I honestly did not expect the warmth I received from all the people attending. Everyone I met was super friendly and was willing to answer any questions I had. Oh, and I cannot forget the wonderful people from Freshbooks, who not only supplied the morning coffee, but also sat in on the discussions.

My other reason for writing this is that my perception of what coworking truly changed in the first few hours of the GCUC. I heard passionate speakers talk about how the concept of coworking helps real businesses and working communities. My eyes were truly opened. I saw how much passion these people had for not only the concept of coworking, but the effort they put into it.

Here’s a funny “aside” that I wanted to mention before I wrap up this blog. Every time I heard speakers talk about the GCUC, I thought I heard them calling it “Juicy.” I was too embarrassed to ask if that was some sort of nickname. I did not find out that I was not hearing things until I visited the main web page on the second day of the conference and saw “people call the Global Coworking Unconference Conference “GCUC” and pronounce it “juicy.”

Finally, by Friday afternoon, I was sad that this amazing event was over. I wanted to spend more time with the great people I met and continue to learn more about the global coworking community. No, they did not give me any Coworking “Kool-Aid” to write this. However, a group of us did go to the Steamwhistle Brewery afterwards to officially end the event.

Ian Payton

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